Board of Directors

» President & Founder
Dr. Evelyne Accad
Professor Emerita, University of Illinois, Lebanese American University
[email protected]
Faculty, Department of French, University of Illinois
Evelyne Accad - Site personnel de l'auteure
Femmes & Mondialisation - Peuples & Monde
» Secretary
Dr. Jacqueline Hajjar
Lebanese American University
[email protected]
» Treasurer
André Accad
[email protected]
» Director General & Founder
Philippe R. F. Accad
Executive Chef and Professor in Culinary Arts
Pikes Peak Community College
Milwaukee Community College
[email protected]
» Board Member
Dr. Sylvia Saadé
Licensed Clinical Social Worker, family therapist and psychotherapist specializing in trauma work
[email protected]
» Board Member
Dr. Marie Miller
CEO and Head of School of Providence Academy
[email protected]