Beit el-Fouad


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We are in the initial phases of building and will need financial support to bring this project to reality.

Please consider giving today to help us rebuild the community of Beirut with a safe haven.

  • [10] Tables-$75 each
  • [75] Chairs $40 each
  • Espresso Machine- $5000
  • Kitchen Equipment- $5000
  • Office Equipment & Furniture Including Computer, Printer/Fax/Copy Machine- $8000
  • Telephone & Internet- $1000
  • Interior Design/Decoration- $1000
  • Paper Goods- $500
  • Signs- $2000
  • Security System- $2500
  • Patio Equipment & Plants- $2000
  • F&B Startup- $1000
  • Advertising- $5000
  • Miscellaneous- $2000



Home Of Love

Beit el-Fouad

The explosion in the port of Beirut in August 2020, which destroyed much of the city and displaced thousands of people, has only added to the country’s problems. Many families have lost their homes, businesses, and loved ones, and they urgently need our help to get- café that will be a safe haven for those physically, emotionally, and mentally affected by the explosion. It will honor her beautiful life through faith, cooking, listening to others, and setting an example for the rest of the community. 

This ministry will honor the life of BPI’s President & Co-Founder, Evelyne Accad.


Give To The Fund

Project Buildout

The project is being built in three phases:

  1. Purchase & Fix Up
  2. Purchase materials for Cafe & Kitchen (Current Financial Need)
  3. Protective custody of condemned women

    First Step: Purchase, Paint & Fix Up
    We have completed the initial step of purchasing the building, repainting the inside and fixing up to prepare for installation of supplies. e to keep all costs down in order to ensure that each person in need will be sponsored.

Current Step: Purchase Supplies, Equipment, & Furniture

We are now looking to purchase equipment and furniture. We are relying on gifts from supporters like you to fundthis current need. Here is what we are in need of: ([10]table $75, [75]chair $40, expresso machine $5000, kitchen equipment $5000, office equipment and furniture including computer, printer/fax/copy machine $8000, telephone and internet $1000, decorations $1000, paper good $500, signs $2000, security system $2500, patio equipment and plants $2000, F&B start-up $1000, advertising $5000, miscellaneous $2000.

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