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Breaking The Cycle Of Violence

Beit el-Hanane

Home of Tenderness is a non-profit, non-denominational (non-sectarian), non-discriminatory, charitable organization that deals with the problems of abused women in Lebanon. It promotes community awareness and education to break a cycle of violence and abuse; and it provides an environment of encouragement, compassion, and support for all who come in contact with it.

Currently, there are two homes in operation; One to receive abused and battered women and work on their healing, and the second to help them readapt into the community. To properly operate both houses, we need a budget of $100,000 per year to support food, medical supplies, psychological healing, education training, legal help, and operational costs.

This ministry honors the life of late-founder Jacqueline Accad, who made it her life’s work to help the broken and oppressed.  

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Project Buildout

The project is being built in three phases:

  1. Housing / Accommodation with first aid and care available
  2. Rehabilitation, education, and reintegration of women into society
  3. Protective custody of condemned women

    First Step: Housing / Accommodation

    The apartment has been purchased. Beit el-Hanane has been providing a temporary shelter where first-aid, medical, and psychological care is being given. There is a nurse, a social worker, and a psychotherapist ready to consult, analyze, and find solutions. Food and care is being provided for a short period of time, until longer-term solutions can be found and implemented. The apartment includes three bedrooms, a living area, a receiving area, a kitchen and dining room, as well as two big balconies. One of the balconies can be closed and used as another living area, if needed. Additional upgrading will be furniture, appliances, a security system, a heating/cooling system, a telephone (hotlines)… and of course government registration fees, insurance, electricity, water…

    As women seeking refuge are often without adequate help and protection, well-trained staff is available: a licensed nurse, social worker, psychotherapist. An overseer resides at the home full-time.

    Thus far, we have several community leaders supporting the project: two judges (one female Christian, the other male Muslim), a doctor, a lawyer and many volunteers for the rest of the work. Other services will be developed later on like referrals to shelters around us when appropriate, crisis outreach, education, support and protection of women and children in abusive homes, and other services.

    There is an immediate and urgent need for volunteers to help us with all follow-up tasks. These individuals will tend to phones, initial interviewing of those seeking help, spiritual needs, general organization of the center, writing informative letters about the Beit El-Hanane’s progress and activities, consulting and advising, and advertising and raising funds for all aspects of the Home. In this manner we hope to keep all costs down in order to ensure that each person in need will be sponsored.

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